Accessory: 1 x Baby Tree AI2 'thirsty' insert (2 layers bamboo, 2 layers hemp)
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Accessory: 1 x Baby Tree AI2 'thirsty' insert (2 layers bamboo, 2 layers hemp)

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These are a 2 x bamboo and 2 x hemp layered insert that doubles over and snaps together. This gives you the absorption of 8 layers, while only needing the drying time of 4!!They combine the ultra absorbency of hemp, with the fast absorption rate of bamboo - this is a great combination to absorb a lot of liquid, at a faster rate than hemp alone.

These are designed to 'snap in' to our brand new AI2 nappies, and can be used for those situations that need a bit of extra absorbency! 

Hemp is a highly absorbent, natural fabric. It does take a little longer to dry than some other fabrics on the market, which is why we don’t use it in all our inserts, but it is a fabulous option as a booster, or for those children/situations that need a little bit of extra absorbency! Our hemp/bamboo inserts are ideal for heavy wetters, night time*, or situations that may need just a little longer between nappy changes! The 4 layers of bamboo ensure any liquid is absorbed quickly (to avoid leaks from 'flooding' when a lot of liquid is released at once), and the hemp layers are ultra absorbent to ensure the nappy lasts longer and absorbs more!

• Machine washable and dry-able.

Wash before use. You will find that hemp gets more absorbent the more you use it during the first few washes as well!

*These inserts absorb more than a standard Baby Tree bamboo insert, however you may still need an extra booster for night time use depending on absorption needed.

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