Accessory: 1 Hemp Insert
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Accessory: 1 Hemp Insert

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These inserts are ideal for using to boost your current nappies.

Hemp is a highly absorbent, natural fabric. It does take a little longer to dry than some other fabrics on the market, which is why we don’t use it in all our inserts, but as an extra booster, it works really well.

Our hemp boosters have 3 layers and are ideal for night time as they absorb so much liquid and help to make that nappy last all night long. We recommend adding one or two of these boosters to your nappies for night time use.

It will also work well in other nappies as an extra booster or even as an insert in it’s own right.

• Machine washable and dry-able.
• Dimension of insert: 33 cm in length x 13.5 cm in width

Soak for 24 hours before use to prime for full absorbency. You will find that hemp gets more absorbent the more you use it during the first few washes as well!

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