Q: Why should I use Cloth Nappies?
A: Most people choose to use cloth nappies for either environmental or
    economical reasons (or both!) 

If every baby had just one cloth nappy change per day, this would prevent 1 million disposables from going to land fill every week in New Zealand.

Some quick maths...

Disposable nappies range in price from $0.30- $1.11 depending on size, absorbance and pattern**. If the average newborn uses 7-10 nappies per day (average 8.5), this equals a yearly spend of $930.00 - $3445.00 on nappies alone!

Baby Tree nappies cost between $20.00-$29.90 depending on order size.
15-20 nappies are usually recommended for people wanting to use reusable nappies full time. This equals $400.00 if you buy 20 nappies in bulk, or $598.00 if you were to purchase them one at a time (which isn't necessary using our handy afterpay function!!)

Although reusable nappies have a bigger start up cost; Baby Tree 'all-in-one' nappies have an adjustable fit, and, with proper care should last through newborn to toddler stage with multiple children. 

Q: How many Baby Tree nappies will I need?
A: Newborns will generally use 7-10 nappies per day. Older babies use around 4- 
     6 nappies. A bonus with using Baby Tree nappies is that they are a one size
     fits most*. Using the adjustable snaps at the front, they can be converted from
     newborn to toddler as your child grows. This means that you don't need to buy
     different sized nappies, which is a lot more affordable! 

If you are planning to use reusable nappies...

  • Some of the time:You will need around 5 nappy changes 
  • Part time on home days:You will need 8 – 10 nappy changes 
  • Full Time:You will need 15 – 20 nappies if washing every 2-3 days
  • Using Liners: 10 Reusable lines will be plenty to get you started.

Q: AIO vs AI2, what's the difference? 
A: The AIO and AI2 nappies are almost identical. The AIO has the bamboo absorbent inner stitched into the nappy, and it is "stuffed" inside the extra large pocket for use.

The AI2 is exactly the same, except the bamboo absorbent inner is attached to the shell (outer layer) by 2 domes, and then "stuffed' into the extra large pocket for use. This means the insert can be "snapped out" and changed to something more or less absorbent, or used by itself as a swim nappy. 

Q: My child is a heavy wetter. Do I need extra inserts?
A. Baby Tree 'all-in-one' nappies have a double layer bamboo terry insert that
     lasts 3-4 hours for most babies. If your child is a particularly heavy wetter or
     experiencing a growth spurt, you may need to change more frequently or could
     try adding an extra insert for additional absorbency.           
Q:The lining on my nappies seem to repel liquid and cause leaks?
A. This problem can be due to a build up of oils or barrier cream on the
     inner lining. The build up prevents liquid traveling through to the absorbent
     insert, which can cause leaks. Using a microfleece liner and a good washing routine should all but eliminate this! 
Q: What is a reusable liner for? 
A Reusable liners are made from microfleece or suede cloth and are an extra stay dry layer that you lay inside the nappy. The main advantage of these are for easy clean ups of soiled nappies. Not only do they protect the nappy but they allow you to easily tip the solids into the toilet for easy clean ups! 
Q Help! I'm getting leaks!
A There are a few things to check if you are getting leaks:
1) The first thing to check is how wet the insert is. If it is soaked- you have reached the absorbency of the insert so you either need to change more frequently or boost (preferably a bamboo or hemp insert) 
2) If the insert isn't particularly wet then check the fit. (see our fit guide for more details).
3) Still can't figure it out? Feel free to send us a message and we will see if we can help! 


*True for most, but due to the wide range of babies shapes and sizes this cannot
  be guaranteed. 

**From countdown online shopping website