About Us

We are first time mummas from the Bay of Plenty with a passion for minimising waste and making babies affordable. 

Lisa originally started Baby Tree in 2018 with a friend (T), just weeks after their babies were born.

"We only used disposables for three weeks. Our bin filled up so fast and it was the middle of summer. It was disgusting"... From there, the idea just evolved! 

T decided to step away to focus her time and energy on her little boy, with number 2 on the way. This left room for Bex to join the Baby Tree team April 2019. She is Lisa's younger sister. ​Between them they now have 3 little munchkins! 

Our mission is to support others on their reusable nappy journey by informing, educating and providing affordable, high quality products. Feel free to contact us if you need any support of guidance or have any questions!

Lisa, Bex & the Munchkins xx