Baby Tree 'all-in-one' Nappy

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This is our brand new Kiwi designed all-in-one Velcro nappy!

This is our brand new Kiwi designed all-in-one Velcro nappy! Our nappy has a double layer bamboo terry insert that folds out to cut down on drying time! Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and up to 80% more absorbent than cotton.

The Baby Tree All-In-One Nappy is less bulky around your babies booty, has more room in the cover for an overnight booster and is a better fit all round! These are a one-size* nappy, allowing the nappy to grow with baby from birth through to potty training, just use the adjustable poppers on the front. With handy Velcro tabs for fast simple nappy changes.
Available in a range of cool designs:

Some of the features of our Baby Tree AIO nappy: 
  • A Tri-layer bamboo terry insert that snaps together and folds out flat to cut down on drying time! You get 6 layers of great bamboo absorbency with the drying time of 3 layers! 
  • The one size fits most design allows a good fit from approximately* 5 kg to 15 kg+ by adjusting the rise snaps on the front of the nappy.
  • Handy Velcro design means easy, quicker nappy changes for everyone (especially popular with wiggly babies or people not experienced using snaps) 
  • Large pocket for those times when you need extra absorbency 

*True for most, but due to the wide range of babies’ shapes and sizes, this cannot be guaranteed.